About Us

We are EOS Impera from Italy, a Block Producer Candidate on the EOS blockchain.
Our mission is to create a platform for the community that can finance the best projects proposed by the community on the EOS.IO network. Vote for us


The mission of EOS IMPERA is to finance small and medium projects, allocating funds raised from the activity of block producer. The activity of block producer will generate funds only when a certain number of votes is Staked to Eosimperabpi. Produced blocks will be allocated on a dedicated account and from there publicly used to finance 2 main expense chapters: 1)internal cost 2) external projects.

  1. Internal costs of Eosimperabpi are mainly: team, infrastructure development running cost and maintenance.
  2. External projects are those idea, projects, product development submitted by 3rd party that will be approved and validated by the forum of eos impera.
    Eosimperabpi will periodically review figures of such budget allocations depending on the variables directly affecting them ( production income directly derived from the ranking of votes staked and market volatility).
    Eosimperabpi final goal is and remain the creation of value in Eos ecosystem that we believe is achived maximising the input the external projects finding.


EOS AVATAR IMG, is our Dapp built to allow you to save images and associate them to your wallet eos in simplicity. We decided to save the image directly and not to associate a URL with a wallet or similar (knowing that it is not the best practice) because we want that eos is the center of everything.
In addition there would be the reliability of a file saved in blockchain eos with timestamp and the guarantee that will remain unchanged over time. This operation is explained in our github: https://github.com/eosimperabpi/EOSavatarimg consumes a small amount of RAM that, of course, will recover if you decide one day to remove the image from the network.
For more details and to use the Dapp, visit:
and the reference github:

EOSimpera is proud to announce the partnership with eosfilestore.
Project sponsored by us and by Eos Nation.
What is eosfilestore?
Eosfilestore is the Italian dapps that brings in eos the ability to save data and information inside the blockchain of eos in simplicity.
Link to the github: https://github.com/grigio/eosfilestore-web
Web UI: https://eosfilestore.now.sh/download
Developed by il Grigio

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Actual Server to be upgrade when EOSimpera will reach top100:  16gb of Ram | 6 vCpu | 320gb SSD | Bandwidth 6 TB