We are EOS Impera from Italy, a Block Producer Candidate on the EOS and Telos blockchain.

Our mission is to create a platform for the community that can finance the best projects proposed by the community on the EOS.IO and Telos network. Vote for us



Out infrastructure.


  • CPU : Xeon E5
  • RAM : 256gb of ram
  • STORAGE : 2x480GB SSD raid Storage


  • CPU : 6 vCpu
  • RAM : 32gb of ram
  • STORAGE : SSD raid Storage


  • CPU : 6 vCpu
  • RAM : 32gb of ram
  • STORAGE : SSD raid Storage


  • CPU : 4 vCpu
  • RAM : 32gb of ram
  • STORAGE : SSD raid Storage

Start to impact

Sustainability report and SDGs about the Eos Impera activity

As Eos Impera group, a consortium of 7 people member who fulfil and support with own capital the whole block producing activity and the validator position inside the telos ecosystem, we are going to support and disclosure our philosophy to an “Carbon footprint zero blockchain “. As member to a DPoS blockchain infrastructure we are sensible to this thematic that they are not more ignorable. If we see this technology, “the blockchain” as the future of the firm 2.0 and with the capability to forecast the future’s needs, we cannot also ignore our impact inside this new changing era.

Our personal report about energy consumption as Dpos blockchain is around 200W/h, not too much compared to the POW blockchain and the impact to our planet is irrelevant also compared to the huge utility that can came through our activity and the other bps players. Also, our main infrastructure is composed partially Online and following a rental model and the BareMetal component “that is amortized and part of our material capital” are marginal so the cost of scale economics will impact less that a pure BareMetal building. About our philosophy we are going also to share and subscribe our personal SDGs.

Quoting the the global consumption of the telos network is around 0.0004 TWh/Year with a result in terms of Tps of 10000 transactions. Comparing to another well-know blockchain “Cardano” in terms of efficiency we are way better. Cardano have “0.06 TWh/year with a tps of 257”, forgetting the performance of Ethereum where the impact is more relevant “20 tps for 49 TWh/year”
Sustainability is not only energetic, is also the inclusivity and the zero-barrier access to enter inside the project. Focusing only about BP the variety of people of different nation is tremendous and diversity is one of the main killer-app that help the growth of the network with more than 20 different country spread all around the globe. Here the list of the mayor bps:

According to The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Ownership Disclosure.

EOS IMPERA is the brand under which we operate. Despite this, we are not a company and our machine are at this moment allocated in the Italian Republic. EOS IMPERA is an international block producer whose efforts are towards the whole global EOS Ecosystem. Our logo and brand was inspired by the Roman Empire therefore for this reason, we claim no connection about nation, politics and party. The intent of the following disclosure is to satisfy constitutional requirements of transparency and as well to define our commitment to execute the block producer activity at high standards and working always in respect of compliance thresholds.
The main intentions are aimed at the growth of the community, and the financing of non-profit projects and no-claiming of interests.
Principles of Meritocracy will serve as guidance during our activity.

The spirit that moves our structure, is to promote the growth of the EOS community, our scope is to look or ear to those projects and business aimed at creation of value and growth for the EOS community and finance them without pretending any interest on funds released, dividend claims, willingness to monitor the financed projects. The purpose of the loans is solely the generation of growth and added value to the eos ecosystem keeping attention to those small actors, that in absence of such funds, would face much bigger challenges to emerge.

Given also the vacuity and the absence of regulations in this sector in which cryptocurrencies are not subject to taxation and the limits imposed by the law in force in Italy, we reserve the right to adapt our future guidelines on the subject of taxation. We are based at the moment on the dictat of the Central Regulatory Department of the Revenue Agency, with Resolution No. 72 / E of September 2, 2016 for art. 135, paragraph 1, letter a) of Directive 2006/112 / EC, it is “undisputed that the virtual currency bitcoin has no other purpose than that of a means of payment and that it is accepted for this purpose by some operators”, consequently, these operations, as far as VAT is concerned, are to be classified as exempt (Article 10, paragraph 1, No. 3, Presidential Decree No. 633/72). Where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, where EOS also falls under the legal object, are considered by the country as foreign currencies and not subject to capital gain within the limits imposed by the law itself. Furthermore, we as EOSIMPERA place ourselves as private citizens and not as a company. Responsibility on the EOS / EURO conversion act is the sole responsibility of the individual who proceeds with the conversion.

There are three members, where Giuseppe Danaro own 100% of the entire group
Zaragast aka Giuseppe Denaro: “Co-Founder and Head of Block production, own the accounts “eosimperabpi” and “tlosimperabp”, the running machine and the management of block production, the brand, the logo”.
Valerio Tarabella: “Co-Founder and Head Graphic Design, own the website, the brand, the logo, and all official social channel.
The other participants collaborate with the structural costs and are co-participated in the measure of their efforts and against any “pact leonine”, participating in gains to the extent of their participation.

Any decision out of ordinal administration, for the transparency will be shared with the community via social page like steemit, twitter, YouTube channel, telegram news page etc. The wallet name and address will be clear, and the account name of this wallet will be show into the webpage.
Furthermore, the decisions taken to release the funds for a financed project will be published
The internal members will be expelled only in the event of: treason, attempt to destroy the EOSIMPERA project, conflict of interests, disclosure of internal and secret discussions, favoritism towards a specific project, bypassing the democratic regime that prevails in the evaluation of a given project, bad faith, violence and all the episodes of illegality that the individual can put into being.

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Giuseppe Denaro (Zaragast)

Head of Block Producion 


Valerio Tarabella

Head of Graphic Design / Expert Developer


Lorenzo D.

Head of Strategy & Marketing


Chino Larsen

Head of Community


Morris Tenca

Expert Developer


Marco Cardillo

Projects Auditor



Projects Auditor

Code of Conduct.

“EOS IMPERA submits our Mission, Guiding Principles, and Code of Conduct for the consideration of the EOS voting public.”

The mission of EOS IMPERA is to finance small and medium projects, allocating funds raised from the activity of block producer. The activity of block producer will generate funds only when a certain number of votes is Staked to Eosimperabpi. Produced blocks will be allocated on a dedicated account and from there publicly used to finance 2 main expense chapters: 1)internal cost 2) external projects.

Internal costs of Eosimperabpi are mainly: team, infrastructure development running cost and maintenance.
External projects are those idea, projects, product development submitted by 3rd party that will be approved and validated by the forum of eos impera.
Eosimperabpi will periodically review figures of such budget allocations depending on the variables directly affecting them ( production income directly derived from the ranking of votes staked and market volatility).
Eosimperabpi final goal is and remain the creation of value in Eos ecosystem that we believe is achived maximising the input the external projects finding.

  • Democracy, democracy, democracy. Every decision must be made with the approval of the council and in the most peaceful way possible, abolishing all sorts of violence and opposition.
  • Resilience in favor of decentralization. We want to be a window in continuous contact with the EOS community, and becoming a communication bridge between what happens inside the world of block producers and the outside world. Ensuring maximum transparency among the stakeholders.

We want to be detached from national optics, having a more international approach and giving everyone equal opportunities regardless of gender, political and religious orientation.

Direct and sudden communication between the owners of EOS, because we see their true ownership of the ecosystem in general. Not minding how much token they own, for us, even a fraction of eos in the wallet has the same right to make their voices heard.

“We solemnly declare to uphold and abide by the governing rules set forth by the communities democratically agreed upon Constitution. The EOS.IO Constitution is supreme and the only contract to which we are bound. We will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by the Constitution in order to protect the network from undue harm.”

We will abide by, follow, and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted, without delay. We also will abstain from publishing opinions on active arbitration.

Priority will be given, compared to the above mentioned percentage of our competence, to the re-construction in machinery and safety, focusing above all on dynamic scalability and an increase in safety standards.

“We declare we will always act with honesty and integrity while applying the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. This includes never paying voters for their support or establishing a quid pro quo relationship with any party with regard to voting.”

We will maintain full financial independence at all times. This includes no operational control by any outside investors and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interests in other EOS.IO Block Producers or the publishers of the EOS.IO software,

In our heart, we want to maintain financial independence, not contracting debts with any entity and creating a risk fund, ready to make up for the sudden needs that we may encounter during our journey.

International cooperation will be our spine. There is no community if you can not collaborate and support every member of the community and beyond. Full opening also to other block producers for initiatives and conferences. Financial support, where possible, also to producers of blocks in difficulty, precisely for the spirit of community and collaboration that we want to carry forward.*

Absolute transparency, making clear our every decision, funding and idea that we want to make to our governance. Following the ideals of the EOS constitution

The changes to our code will be made only and only with the approval of our community, and certainly, following the transparency principles listed above

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