Eosimpera is proud to announce the partnership with eosfilestore. Project sponsored by us and by Eos Nation.

What is eosfilestore?

Eosfilestore is the Italian dapps that brings in eos the ability to save data and information inside the blockchain of eos in simplicity.

The use cases of the dapps are many and the simple UI.

With the integration with scatter you can do that easily

The link of the webapp with scatter integration is HERE

Why should I store a file on EOS blockchain?

The reason are many and different.

  • First of all the Immutability: Once you upload a file on the Blockchain it can’t be edited, is immutable thought the time.
  • The second is Time proof: You can claim you had a file in a precise moment of the past. And the transaction is is your proof this feature can certificate the original possessor of that document or file in upload time.
  • The third reason is It’s free: It doesn’t cost EOS to upload a file, but you need enough EOS in staking in CPU and NET.

Thanks to @luigi-tecnologo aka grigio ,we hope that our contribution can make your app grow better

Link to the github:

Web UI: