EOS AVATAR IMG, is our dApp built to allow you to save images and associate them to your wallet eos in simplicity.

We decided to save the image directly and not to associate a URL with a wallet or similar (knowing that it is not the best practice) because we want that eos is the center of everything. In addition there would be the reliability of a file saved in blockchain eos with timestamp and the guarantee that will remain unchanged over time.

This operation is explained in our github: https://github.com/eosimperabpi/EOSavatarimg consumes a small amount of RAM that, of course, will recover if you decide one day to remove the image from the network.

For more details and to use the Dapp, visit: https://eosavatarimg.now.sh and the reference github: https://github.com/eosimperabpi/EOSavatarimg